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01.03.16: New Cars & Trucks 2016! Garage Hour Does San Diego Auto Show, w/ 4R TRD Pro, Diesel Colorado, Jeeps, the Slingshot, Best & Worst, BMW VS BMW, Big Engine VS Big Fat, Reality VS Hybrids, Tesla VS Warranties, + Where's Our Flying Cars?

Ultra-live new car and truck report from the finest little-big city auto show - it's the Garage Hour goons versus the San Diego Auto Show.  Recording live from the floor of the best looking S.D. display in a decade, Hostus Maximus Justin Fort and Majid from Global Source Remarketing (he sells used trucks, folks, lots of 'em) point their remarkably advanced understanding of the auto industry, its consumers and its wherewithal at the cars, trucks, electrics, diesels, innovators and relegators at the show, and killer gearhead talk results.  Yes, have some.

What'cha like?  We've got it: Lotus Elises, LS'd Chevy SSs and Duramaxed Colorados, Jeep TJs and CJs, the 4Runner TRD Pro, interior quality, Civics, brake fires, station wagons, the BMW 540i, Top Gear versus the Hilux, Dodge versus Ford work vans, coil versus leaf, rattle-can versus 4R, manual versus auto, Subaru CVT versus driving satisfaction, electricity versus ego, M3 versus M4, the Slingshot (from Canuckistan!), Tesla and Lincoln prototypes, hydrogen versus government, and where the hell are our flying cars? (you promised).

There's plenty of the usual Garage Hour subterfuge, so don't worry.  We take a fine slice at the auto unions, diesel repowering, yard work, rental adventure, overpriced San Diego, overvalued Chargers, engineers versus effectiveness, and of course, bear attacks.

If you'd prefer the low-fi version of this fine piece of sheeeeow, grab the same date with the "MP3" tag.

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