Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns

Let's spread some real on now that the good day is done - the Garage Hour goons have hit 2023 like a dump truck full of boba and we're getting it all over the place: freak out the neighbors with your old-school drone, then fix things because the courts came down on farmers' side against John Deere (Steve Wozniak isn't wrong - your right to repair is a big deal).  Then it's upgrade versus Green Hell in CA as nobody thought of raising a few dams and keeing water when it's rainiy for days when it ain't.  Nice state you've got there...

We'll also help you yell about the random craptastic gift for your kid that turned out to be a dirty old man's joke-machine, as well as dish on some Karma to Burn ("V" and "Arch Stanton") and Clutch ("Spacegrass").

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