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So much junk in this trunk… Zippos and hippos and chrome-plated nipples, plus a fancy Luftkraft shift knob cohost PK Caleb (ala EAS) bought for the Porsche he hasn’t yet.  Hostus Maximus Justin Fort’s reports from the Tanner Gun Show illuminated more than overprices ammo (unless you’re willing to bundle bullets) - yes, used and new pew-pews are starting to act affordably again (so don’t sit on your hands).  He also picked up a neato flexy Bad Ass (straight out’a Texas) IWB holster for one of the compacts, which iridium 192-soaked cohost Isotope of Mark immediatedly coveted, but he managed to slake his thirst with a scouterized M1A he built for why nots…  Hey, it’s the Garage Hour - because why not is why enough.

Whyle we’re at it:  proprietary Japanese rounds, the NRA has been DeWayned (probably should’a mentioned that sooner), Norma’s making a .22LR that’ll drop squirrels at 500 yards, and shotguns for Caleb, R.L.O. Custom Leather for Mark and risotto for Justin.  Hell yes, we’re awesome.

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