Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
01.05.13 (MP3): Nissan Delta VS LeMans & .45 Phil VS Iraqi Tanks, Cigarette Smuggling in Cigarette Boats, Efficient VS Electric Cars & Fisker VS DeLorean, Piers Morgan VS Detroit, High Beams VS Speed Traps & Other Stupid Laws, + Ozzy's Perry Mason

With everyone in the studio either dying or trying, this Garage Hour was doomed to be awesome from the start.  Who doesn't love reminding the English that the nation which brought us Churchill and Thatcher and Clarkson and Ozzy is now known for Piers Morgan?  The Garage Hour goons figure they'll just drop his silly 2A-hating limey butt in Detroit for a night or three and he'll change his limo-liberal tune or die trying.  Of course, they're going to outlaw kitchen knives in England now, so everything will be fine.  Besides, Ozzy is here in America writing songs about lawyers.  Perfect.

Following that, it's all about whiskey and Chargers versus the Raiders (and La Mesa legend and former Raider Ben "I Kicked Conan's Ass" Davidson) and a revisitation of the unending efficient-versus-electric car argument spurred by the San Diego Auto Show.  What about comparing Fisker cars with good old John DeLorean?  Who's the bigger crook?  Speaking of crooks, the boys also dissect the failed Cash for Clunkers program, and how it damaged the used car market, parts yards, made no improvements in efficiency, and set the "succeeding at failure" Obama administration on its unending course of Santa Clausing the hordes into a low-information apocalypse.

Don't fear: this episode's as goontastic as any Garage Hour.  Bad behavior on LA freeways, barfing in cabs, the best way to smuggle smokes into Australia, ammunition prices, and why most guys might wish there was never a song written called "My Ghoulfriend."  Hostus Coughemus Justin Fort is met at the bend by .45 "Huggy Bear" Phil, Crag "Where's the Floor?" Maxwell, and Dirty "Medical Science" Dave.

If you'd prefer the hi-fi tea-drinkin' fancy new software version of this episode, look for the same date without an "MP3" tag in the header.

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