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01.09.10 (MP3): Classic! Superstition Mtn Run w/ SD 4-Wheel, Jeep Wrangler Chassis Codes, 4.0 VS V6, MT/Rs & Kevlar, Refinancing for Mods, Family Off-Roading, Rocks VS Sand, 'Froading Cubes & Scions, A Little Bit of Winch Tech, & Backflipping Migs

This classic Garage Hour reload brings RJ from San Diego 4-Wheelers into the studio to talk through the upcoming Superstition Mountain Run. Trails, terrain, rocks, sand (and the legendary Sand Dam), raffle prizes, and the family-friendly goodness that off-roading at Superstition.

How about cool desert junk?  XJs versus TJs and Jeep's 4.0 versus the new minivan-based V6?  Crawling on the starter, crawl ratios, knobby tires and the Blue Angels, tire pressure and power tanks, winches, trail recovery, Town & Country neutral drops, 'Vette flag clutch burnouts, boba 4Tundras, and the upcoming first-ever Econobox Rally.

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