Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
01.12.13: Show & Tell (Cool Gearhead & Geek Bits Like Titanium Ore & Blown Turbos), Junkyard Truck Parts, Beer VS Captain, Laws VS Criminals, 2A VS Politicians, Monty VS Rommel, Plus Piers Morgan's Fail, NY's Bloomberg Fail & SD's Bob Failner

Geeks do the best show & tell - let the Garage Hour tell you how.  We've got everything from a blown quad piston (13:1 compression on av-gas will do that), fragged spider gears (from a fragged SN-95 diff), intake shrapnel (the cast Edelbrock intake didn't like that much juice), wheel chunks from a CORR race truck, to a five-inch naval shell cut and polished into a fine ashtray, the official K-Bar US Constitution (pocket-sized, of course), and titanium ore needles.

It's the Garage Hour - what did you expect?  Boring?  We don't have that.

It's also gearhead radio, so we deep-dove on our usual medley of historic, awesome and intelligent lunacy, including a full-frontal assault on big government (leave the Second Amendment alone, you leeches), plus a duscussion of fradulent pot supporters, real beer supporters (plus Captain Morgan), fun junkyard parts for fun and Phil, a second assault on epic douche and all-around limey to threaten Piers Morgan, wiring stereos versus wiring IEDs, and a whole truckload of World War Two stuff.  That's just for starters: yes, have some Garage Hour.

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