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01.15.11: Classic! Oh Canada (How Dare You?), Dyno VS Road Tuning, Ram Trucks, Goulash, Indiana Weather, Detroit Boo, South Park Abuse, Pro-CCW Evidence, and Maintaining Our East County Cred

Gearhead VS Beerhead? Everything from old hangovers to new dyno tuning (and its arch nemesis, road tuning), plus union disdain, podcasts promises, the Frozen Stuff Report with Indiana-based Hoosier Eric, CCWs and why they work, the ongoing failure of Detroit and other Democrat pits, and, of course, blaming Canada.  We love our nothern neighbors, but you banned a 20-year old Dire Straits song from playing on Canadian radio.  What the Hell is that?

Mr. Dustin (Top Earner) and Black Ryan join host Justin Fort on the mics. The only thing they're banned from is professionalism.

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