Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
01.22.11: 4Runner Trail Damage, Ammo Laws, GH Fanmail, GH Parenting, Cows & Kids, Anti-Job Smelt? Led Zeppelin, Hulk VS Batman? Voyager=Awesome, Railguns & Lasers, Plus WW2 in the Pacific ala "With the Old Breed"

One of THOSE episodes of the Garage Hour...  All of the good gearhead stuff, crammed into a one-hour talk show clown car piloted by the Garage Hour goons: trucks, sports, Charger ownership hatred, the Raiders, FaceSlave, Black Ryan and green clothes, ammunition laws in the commie state of CA, rich guys, fan letters, tiger moms, Garage Hour parenting rules, parenting for farmers, turkeys in Ramona (CA - the state, not the person), stupid laws, the smelt versus your job, Barrett-Jackson, CA's awful senators, Led Zeppelin's Wanton Song, Hulk, Batman and Bane, the Voyager probe at the edge of the solar system, railguns, lasers, Avaturd, Hurt Locker, and all about WW2 in the Pacific ala "With the Old Breed".

Yeah, all of that, a bag of chips, Dirty Dave and Justin Fort.

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