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01.22.16: Gearhead Studio Attack w/ Dave Lozeau! Low-Brow/Day of the Dead Art, Robots VS Humans (First They Become Our Cars) & Asimov's Rules, Technology VS Morality, Skill Set VS Safety Net, & Snoop Job VS Perp Jam

Soooo much gearhead, so little time.  Old pals Dave Lozeau (San Diego skully/low-brow artist of repute) and Garage Hour host Justin Fort (former test driver and wall of mouth) beer it up for this two-hour in-studio special.  Want to learn about Dave's creative process?  His brush techniques?  What he's got coming up?  Why he's so damn popular in Nepal?  How about his knack for authenticity (how many guns on a P-47, Dave?)?  Whether he prefers painting or framing?  Where he keeps his ideas?  Take a gonzo trip into his mind with the Garage Hour.

It's not all nightmares and automotive enamel, though - this is the Garage Hour.  Give us an inch, we'll take your whole brain.  Dave the globe-trotting artist and Hostus Maximus Justin Fort (who's never met a button he didn't push) peel apart a few layers of the looming world crisis that is robot and smart cars, and the peril they pose to man's individuality, capability, responsibility, and safety (and what Isaac Asimov would have had to say about it).

In true Garage Hour form, Dave and Justin digress into movie soundtracks (Maximus Overdrive versus Judgement Night, plus Pelham 123 and Bullitt), why David Bowie was afraid of Americans (not the emo midget Trent Reznor in his "Afraid of Americans" video, however), old tech versus new Venture Brothers, and a tale of clobbering Sand Dam out at Superstition with a two-wheel drive Class 8 truck.

Remember, never buy a rental car because one of us might have rented it.

If you'd like the cromag low-pro version of this episode, search for the same date with an "MP3" tag in the title.

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