Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns

Alien technology (might be fun at parties but probably won’t solve anything).  While we’re at it, Hostus Maximus Justin Fort revels in the old Party Point ‘Squatch Runs, Justmark’s M1A, tales of cohosts like The Jaimz and Dirty Dave, crime versus law and order (and citizens living in an upside-down world that makes the Second Amendment even more important), Uncle Doug’s Northstar-powered Caddy versus Dad’s Lincoln, and what it means for a tire to actually work in sheddy snowy situations.  There’s also a lot of red meat in this episode for Jeep haters, bureaucratic fakers, tire deflators and Eurocrat takers.

More more more:  Foghat, Deep Purple, Get Shorty, Dennis Farina and John Travolta, plus Ryan’s whiskey, Leslie’s Miata and Churchill’s quote.

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