Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
01.23.10 (MP3): Classic! Drag Racing & F1 (& Schumie's Return), Tiger VS GM (& Ambien), Automotive Design Faves, Bugeye VS STi, Selling Cars in SD, w/ My Life w/ Thrill Kill Cult, Stone Foxes + Sweat Engine, + Studio Invasion by San Diego's Halloran

Long-lost Garage Hour awesomeness right here:  gearhead friend of the show Mark Deadrick joined Hostus Maximus Justin Fort and Dirty Dave for an episode, and he brought along his punk/talk/DJ buddy of note, Mike Halloran.  Then Halloran tries (and fails, thankfully for fans of cars, trucks, beers and guns) to take over the show, and a pretty damn good episode ensues.  Because gearhead.

Not firstly, but first, the rock and/or roll that has been rendered one of the Garage Hour's cornerstones is called into question by longtime airplay savant Halloran, so a running debate of whether if/which/how tracks are rolled in the background of every episode infects every other stage of the show.  Some punk and garage rock goodness percolates to the surface, including My Life with the Thrill Kill Cult, SOMA, Stone Foxes, Beauty Bar, and Mark's old band, Sweat Engine.  But gearhead.

Surprisingly, there's a ton of good automotive chatter in this episode as well - somewhat unlike the occasional Garage Hour that goes off to live in the digression.  Automotive design, Acura's beaks versus Caddy's creases, Pontiac's G8, little Benzes and Audis, car designs of the eras, commuting in the rain, street-riden old 'Glides versus Halloran's "Shriner Bike", F1 in Abu Dhabi, Schumacher in a Mercedes, bugeye versus hawkeye Subies, and GM versus Tiger Woods versus Ambien.  Then someone complained about Jeeps and Dirty Dave had to defend his Miata.  Go gearhead.

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