Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
01.26.13 (MP3): US VS Chinese Jeeps (Jeep Inline 4.0 VS Minivan V6), .45 Phil's Tank of the Week (M18 Hellcat VS Tigers), Birthdays for Stonewall & MacArthur, Snipes VS Stallone (Demolition Man VS Copland), Panther Soup +Perverse Savant VS Sage Roast Beef

From a steamroller intro charged with goon-hosin' wankery to our favorite government agency, the ATF (Alcohol, Trucks & Firearms), THIS is one of the epic ricochetfest Garage Hours that have made the show famous.  Cohosts .45 Phil and Crag Maxwell buttressed Hostus Maximus Justin Fort for this one.

Forget the storyline - how about a list?

1. Sasquatch, 2. Sasquatchy chicks, 3. Imperial red beers, 4. Pinko Bob "Catfish" Filner, 5. Martin Luther versus Martin Luther King Jr. (hint: they both win), 6. fighter plane flybys, 7. model tanks, 8. virtue versus vice (have some!), 9. Mayor Daley versus Hitler, 10. elected officials versus representatives, 11. American-made Jeeps versus Chinese ones, 12. union membership in government, 13. the awfulness that is divide & conquer, 14.  Crown Vics from Mexico and Jeep engines from minivans, 15. happy birthday to Stonewall Jackson and George MacArthur.

And that's just the first half-hour.  In segments three and four:

1. Offending aliens, 2. senile versus crazy, 3. Demolition Man versus Copland, 4. Tank of the Week and the M18 Hellcat, 5. .45 Phil's dissertation on the Hellcat versus German panzers and "Panther Soup", 6. the problem that is a gasoline-powered tank (don't flick your Bic), 7. reading "Armed Response", 8. Israel versus Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood, 9. why President Kardashian is giving the MusBros 200 Abrams and a few dozen Block 52 F-16s, 10. junkyard moments and Dodge 2500 shocks, 11. load versus damping, 12. Sasquatch v2 (49 states!), 13. national versus local police forces, 14. subtlety versus conspiracy, 15. Hot Blonde at Manzanita!


If you'd like the hi-fi quiche-eatin' version of this episode, look for the same date podcast without an "MP3" tag in the title.

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