Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns

Serious episode. Seriously.

The Garage Hour gathered at Location A to smack around some thoughts about the concept of mandatory - that's 100% of cars, people - breathalyzers, as proposed by pearl-clutching Democrat elitist Dingle (Dingo?) from Michigan. Hey lady, why don't you unscrew Detroit first?

Guilty until proven innocent is not very American, but statist officials want to make you prove you're sober before you drive. Seem silly? Huge overreach? Anti-reality? Not only that, the logistics of actually equipping all cars with these devices (don't say "new" if you expect to be taken seriously - slippery slope, here), not to mention the cost, might be literally impossible. Also, the punishment would largely target the innocent, and be hugely regressive.

After a chat about how politicians are after gearheads (and every other geek), Hostus Maximus Justin Fort and the (Angry) Diesel Ayatollah get down to business: reasons why 100% breathalyzers is a bad idea, and a lot of good ideas that will actually reduce drunk driving. That, plus a few words about Superstition 2019 and Air Force One.

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