Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
01.30.10: Classic! Fat-Foot Recalls & Toyota Mother-Computer, Daytona & LeMans 24Hrs, Miata People, Death @ 1000ft in a Cobra Gunship, Nain Rogue & Mothug Doug, & Why Danica Patrick's a Nasty Jerk

Yo! Who wants a C4 'Vette? How 'bout one with a motor as big as a whale with a cog-drive blower that works just great for smokey 'Jersey burnouts?  Make the check out to Mothug Doug.

Don't blink or you'll miss this excellent early Garage Hour, complete with Hostus Maximus Justin Fort, Grizzly Chris and Dirty Dave, as well as a bucketful of big words, the Chicago flag, Toyotas and Mazdas and that creepy "Zoom-Zoom" thing the Miata people do, the difference between stinky rat mummies and the smell of death from 1000ft over Iraq in a Cobra gunship, Spyker buying SAAB, Geely buying Volvo (and whatever the Hell a Geely is), and What the Hell #2: Nain Rogue.  Yup, Detroit's got a demon, and we don't meant the unions - they're more of an unwanted vampire-zombie lovechild.

It IS the Garage Hour, however, so there's got to be racing - we've got the Daytona and LeMans 24 Hours, what it's like to attend in person, and why Juan Pablo might be fast, but he's still a nozzle.  There's also some storyline about the Panoz LMPs from LeMans and why they're so awesome despite never having won the whole scheme, plus how to get Danica Patrick to stop being such a prissy twat - now that she's in NASCAR, just let Tony Stewart beat her up.

This one's special, by the by, because it's the foundation for one of the original Garage Hour promos (as heard on-air for years).

If you'd like a low-res version of this episode, grab the one with the matching date and an "MP3" in the title.

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