Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns

Just add gearhead!  The Garage Hour goons gathered in Dustin v2's garage for an hour of broken parts - Toyota AND Jeep (who knew?), shouldered bolts and Loctite's new "Black Hold" supersauce, wall urinals for convenient garage peeing, salvage nails and screws, Jeep V8s (and the blown ones littering Dustin v2's garage), and the wonder that is a garage being remodelled around a CJ-7 being rebuilt.  This was in tandem with the show's look back at the 2017 Superstition Run, which contributed to the pile of broken bits.

Because we're such big fans of microagression (as well as the other kind), we also snowflaked it up with Jeep V8s, failed half-shafts, oil loss, broken plumbing, broken femurs, Kalifornistan versus Arizonafforable, and how the six-cylinder WJ Selectrac can be adapted to replace the V8 Quadratrac.  Reality bubbled back to the fore, thankfully, and everything from buying ourselves a hardware store in Silverton to renting ourselves a warehouse in San Diego came up as the gearhead goons spread logic all over the place.

Rock and roll backing this triumphant expression of gearheadulation includes 16 Volt, Prong and Ministry.

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