Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
02.02.13: Armored! Tank of the Week & Armored Vacuums, Silver State Camaro, Galaxie, Chevelle, Ford PU, Feinstein VS Star Wars (Han Shot First), Pinko Placation & Potemkin Shooters, Operation Coin Slot & Mr. Dustin's Trip Up Puke Puke Hwy (+ Pearl Harbor)

From armored vacuums to Logan's Run, Star Wars on VHS and Operation Coin Slot, you can count on the Garage Hour to find your soft spot and stick it with something sharp.

So, does anyone believe Han didn't shoot first?  Sen. Feinstein was there, and now she wants to take away your blasters.  Then the unions blasted Obamacare (along with everything else), the Super Pooper blasted TDS, Bob "Catfish" Filner blasted red light cameras, and Mr. Dustin blasted up the Puke Puke Highway headed to Pearl Harbor (just after the Japs blasted that).

Crag Maxwell, Punxsutawney Phil, Dirty Dave and Hostus Maximus Justin Fort made this Garage Hour a great one.  Tanks, Israelis, how to trail-clearance your truck, President Kardashian's fraudulence (again) (and again), and Crag's latest episode of Birthdays that Matter.

Have no fear - gearheads here.  There's a whole segment on Silver State, including a host of high-RPM flybys and details on how to find 'em your own damn self.  Then Nick is fired.

If you'd like this episode in low-res cromag knuckledragging mode, you can find the MP3 at the same date, with the "MP3" tag.

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