Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
02.02.17 (MP3): An Hour of Beer @ Helix Brewing, w/ Fine Brews, Selling Diesel Trucks, Tuning FN/FALs for Fun & Profit, Home Stilling, Stupid San Diego Weather & Flying Quonset Huts, w/ the Anarchist-In-Chief & Beer Tourism

Live from San Diego's Circle of Hops (yes, that's a thing now), the Garage Hour goons - with everyone from .45 Phil, Chef Jeff & Ms. Karen, to the Diesel Ayatollah and our newest cohost, Vinnie the Screw (or Drywall Vinnie - we can't decide) joining Hostus Maximus Justin Fort - chat up Helix Brewing's primary and head keg wiper Cameron Ball about his luscious selection of finely crafted beers.  From there, it's all gearhead: bullets and tornados and flooding, but hey, it's got beer and guns.  And trucks - surely someone said "diesel" at some point.

We free Cam Ball's taste buds from beer jail for long enough to try a suite of his finest ales, including his Pale, the piece of art that is Galaxy Rye, Active IPA, the latest - and most subtle - batch of Stoner Moment, a creamy Honor Not Inner stout on nitro, while .45 Phil gets outside of the last keg of the sublime Pumpkin Basic.  Beer vibes included beer honesty and beer fun, which then detours into why home stilling might blow up your garage.

There's also .45 Phil's dissertation on Laotian HVAC guys in San Diego (way more interesting than you'd think), hot places from Thailand to Iraq, making an FAL run like you plan to take over a small third-world nation, FAL and Luger ergonomics, RIPs for recently deceased SEAL Team 6 SSgt Bill Owen, tarps, flooding at NASSCO, what kind of ruckus is a Helix ruckus, bone tours, and America's newest anarchist, Uncle Donald, and how he plans to go tiger mom on the state of California's gun banning troglodyte horde in Sacramento.

Should be a show.  We certainly are - grab some Garage Hour, and we'll see you in the garage.

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