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Invent a better mousetrap and they'll beat a path to your door, or, in the case of the gearheads at the Garage Hour, do an episode full of fun homeownery crap and everyone will want more.  ...Because we'd been planning to spend an hour with formerly Silent Sean (head in the bag, mind in the gutter) tuning up the deadbolts at Castle de Sack, what better time to capture some more easy to-dos that'll keep the wolves at bay (now that the stupider people in Colorado have deigned to release an apex predator into our backyards)?

Code pads?  Double-authentication?  House numbers?  Screen doors?  Door braces?  Frangible rounds?  Driveway safety and garage-door security?  Local laws?  Fake rocks?  Safe rooms?  Shatter Guard?  Mail gettin'?  We've got 'em.

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