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02.04.12 (MP3): Tech Zep Junkyard Gearhead Fanmail Star Wars Off-Road Talk Radio! HOB LA, Miata Parts, Superbowl + Star Wars Fails, SERE Training, Dust & Rent, Counting Daves, Lozeau Harleys, Plus Domino's Pizza ala Superfan Tristain

Hank Watson's Garage Hour: the creek for which you forgot your paddle. One of those excellent 100%-everything shows, with tons of great things that gearheads dig...  off-roading, Army goading, Cutlass smoting, nerd versus geeking, fanmail reading, pizza eating, Patriot fleeting, Jar Jar beating, tech meeting, geek freaking, John Paul Jones meeting and junkyard tweeting.  Without the tweeting.  Oh, and Led Zeppelin.

Beyond the usual awesomesauce, there's David Lozeau's latest Harley-Davidson creation, Dirty Dave's off-roading psuedo-experience, the overall number of "D"s and "Dave"s in the Garage Hour studio, the geek-nerd Venn diagram, Smog Mike's super-shooting son, lots of great email comments from our listeners, and that dumb Audi vampire ad during last year's superbowl.  It's all followed by some serious Star Wars trashing, a neat new USB outlet from Newer Tech (we'll install and report), some looks at House of Blues Los Angeles shows, and Lozeau's Hard Rock art show (complete with $20 drinks - screw that noise).  It all ends at the junkyard.  Of course.

There's an M4A version of this podcast available online alongside this MP3 - just click to the same date without the "MP3" notation.

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