Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
02.05.11: Classic! Epic Roots GH w/ Genesis of the Jalopy Plan, When Animals Attack, .50-Cal Ricochet, STi VS Evo Midnight Run, Geek VS Nerd, Propane Explosion UberTopics

Holy epic historical Garage Hour: the genesis of so many great things, including Dirty Dave's Jalopy race plan, Justin Fort's fascination with exploding propane and propane accessories, the geek VS neerd continuum, the .unending .50-cal ricochet debate, When Animals Attack the Garage Hour, the Car Tsar (host Justin), the iPhone Tsar (Mr. Dustin), the Connectivity Tsar (Dirty Dave), with call-ins from Mr. Dustin (up to his elbows in stripped Evo) and Black Ryan (up to his elbows in a hangover).

It wouldn't be a Garage Hour without a crapton of segues, including a new segment called "Just Because You're Rich Does Not Mean You're Competent", the supersecret Midnight Run, everything that's wrong with the Egyptian Revolution, Superbowl predictions, Homer Simpson and why Justin fort is awesome at go-karting.

This is a Garage Hour Reload not to be missed.


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