Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
02.09.13: GH's 5 Rules for Traffic, LS1s for Ultimas, Ted Nugent VS Nancy Pelosi, Cabela's VS REI, Obama's Sally Jewell VS the Outdoor Industry, Useless Eggheads VS Convicts, Plus Invading Russia & .45 Phil's Tank of the Week

So much yum! This gearhead romp into the geekiverse is another great Garage Hour goonfest.  Do you like the Nuge?  Cabelas?  Off-roading?  High-powered component (kit) cars or new places to stuff an LS motor?  How about the idea of arming all liquor store owners?  Caddyshack?  AR-based rifles?  Monster trucks?  Swap meets?  Tanks?  What about caffeine or Israel?  Have we got an episode for you.

From .45 Phil's Tank of the Week (the Israeli M-51 Super Sherman) and some basic rules to live by when coping with the sheeple in traffic to Hostus Maximus Justin Fort's ongoing battle with REI's "no throttle" policy, it's in there.

Like we always tell you, there's two sides (at least) to every conversation: do you dislike Piers (Peers? Peirs?) Morgan?  Sally Jewell from the Interior department?  REI?  Invading Russia in the winter?  Flash mobs?  Pointless bureaucrats?  We'll help you feel good about it, because we can't stand 'em either.

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