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02.11.12: Hybrid Hatred, Fisker VS Leaf, Stimulus Fund Fails, Trap "Speed Rounds" @ P2K, NASCAR VS F1 VS Prototypes VS Bathurst, King of Hammers, T-Bird Recalls, Plus Vomiting Mayors

Too much good stuff!  Starting with the hybrid hatred (well, it's closer to pity: Fiskers and Leafs es no bueno) and running headlong into UFOs and the new T-Bird recalls, the Garage Hour goons lit it on fire for this one.

Left in the wake of Justin Fort, Dirty Dave, Crag Maxwell and Silent Brian is a pile of topics: "Coexist", Crusaders, Deadbolt (the band, not the door), crack kills (Whitney Houston), barfing mayors, unique old towns, dishonest municipalities, Ozzy and Mr. T, and geek VS dork.  That's followed by the usual Garage Hour suspects: speed rounds at P2K, elk rifles, auto racing (everything from F1 to NASCAR to Prototypes to Bathurst to King of Hammers), garage-built rigs for KOH, and pimping for pizzas.

It's not a living.

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