Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns

You don't duck curveballs, you hit them: when a planned episode with SEAL Team 5er and Protector Brewery lead Sean Hannity was derailed by a $8200 San Diego parking ticket (rumor has it they'll take a kidney and his childhood home in trade), the Garage Hour kidnapped Beer Servatrix and willing cohost Ashleigh and random awesomeness ensued.

New beers at Protector?  We've got the list.  New Jersey?  We've been there (and ain't going back, family home or not).  Suicidal geese?  Someone call DPS.  Tactical shotgun VS three-gun?  We chat style, preference and transitions with a deputy sheriff.  Sheriff's sidearms?  Yes, they do, often with front arms.  Fur torpedoes?  They like beer.  Best Coast Beer Fest?  We're planning to be there with our buddies from Protector.  Portland VS Seattle VS Ocean Beach grossfest?  Someone grab the hydrogen peroxide and a band-aid.  Crowlers VS canlers?  They're better full.  Richard Keil & Happy Gilmore?  Well, we were already being awesome...  Blazing Saddles & Spaceballs?  Thank goodness.

Yup.  Because gearhead.

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