Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
02.16.13 (MP3): Off-Road Access (& Who's Blocking it), F-15 VS Tupolev, Trench Guns VS Shovels, Shotguns VS Iraq, Interior Dept's Sally Jewell VS Freedom, REI+Sierra Nevada=Evil, + Goatsnake, St. Vitus, Five Horse Johnson, Coverdale-Page &the FAL of Tanks

Wondering why your favorite trail is locked up now?  Can't figure out why the off-roading that Americans have always done is suddenly verboten and frowned upon?  Can't stand the tree-hugging watermelon environmentalist elitists who seem to keep taking away the freedoms you hold dear?  Well, have we got a show for you - a bit of a glimpse into the behavior (and the names) of people and companies that are standing athwart history in an frighteningly expansive effort to use greenthink and green excuses and green behavior to undermine your red, white and blue.

From Sally Jewell, creepy statist CEO of REI who's now the head of the US Interior Department (and who's never met a road she didn't want to block) to companies like Sierra Nevada and Anheiser Busch, the Garage Hour goons go through why these footpath zealot regressed-Earth elitists believe taking away your trail access is good (often because it's bad), and a little bit about the logic they piss on while digging your rights' grave.  Hmmmm, these flat-foreheaded freaks in the federal government sure seem to waste a lot of resources while taking away yours...

Don't worry - it's still a Garage Hour.  There's shotguns and trench guns, .45 Phil calling out Skull & Bones and calling President Selfie Stick a wussie, there's fighter jets and Russian bombers, tanks and the Homer Tax, rock and roll, Crag Maxwell attempts to strangle a wind turbine, Dirty Dave calls out every Marine he can find, and Hostus Maximus Justin Fort realizes that he still has Ministry's Psalm 69 on cassette.

If you're prefer the high-res M4A version of this episode, just dig up the same date without the "MP3" tag in the title.

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