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02.17.16 (MP3): SEALs, Marines & Gearheads! We Chat w/ Retired SEAL Commander Larry Wilske About ISIS, Putin, Benghazi, Laser-Attack Dolphins, President Weak Broad, the South China Sea, Blowing Up Noriega's Yacht & Tugboats

Now THIS is the kind of sauce we're talking about.  In another "Where the Hell is the Garage Hour?" special, Hostus Maximus Justin Fort and cohosts .45 Phil (That Which Goes Bump in the Night) and Majid from GSR board retired SEAL Command Master Chief Larry Wilske's pleasure trawler for a cruise around San Diego Bay, a visit to Pacific Tugs, and some excellent insight on what nasty threats America faces from the world in the next decade.

If you're any fan of U.S. special warfare or America's burgeoning spec-ops community, Larry Wilske's been in it for more than 30 years, and he knows serious things that he's always willing to chat up.  Between him and .45 Phil, who joined the Marines back when Ronald Reagan made people want to serve their country, you'll get a great look at the thorny issues facing our country.

Interested in the ISIS threat? How about since they pilfered the SAM candy store known as Libya?  Curious how bad Benghazi really was?  Want to know what makes a document secret?  How about how screwed Hillary is if the law catches up with her?  Interested in opinion after opinion about Barry Obama's track record as President Weak Broad?  Want to hear Larry threaten Vladimir Putin?  Feel like the Obama-Iran nuke Christmas looks a lot like the one Clinton did for North Korea?  Need to know more about Larry's plan to get military veterans elected to all of San Diego's political seats?  Worried about China's ongoing imperialism in the South China Sea?  Larry knows stuff and the Garage Hour went along for a ride.

It's a typically excellent Garage Hour, so we've got the typical supersauce: F-150 versus F-250, laser-attack dolphins (and how Flipper had his way with Larry and his combat-swimming buddies), demo practice on civilian ships, plastic versus steel, steel versus teak, battleships versus the bottom of the harbor, mothballing versus decommissioning, Obama versus Trump, Holm versus Rousey, and tugboats, tugboats, tugboats.

Special thanks to Larry's pal Bob and Pacific Tug Service. Bob's the master of all things wet at Pacific Tug, and he came along for the ride to explain the large floating awesomeness that goes on in a tugyard.

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