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02.20.10: Classic! Off-Road Season & Four-Wheel Advocacy, Tierra del Sol Leadup, Elmer Fudd w/ Irma, Ruth, Gertrude & Phyllis, Fat-Foot Braking & Me-Too Media Fear Mongers, Temple of Doom & Tiger Woods, + Burnout & Drifting Non-Expertise

You can't have this sort of awesome without a license, or a warrant: it's the Garage Hour and their goon-approved truckload of gearhead goodness.

To keep things level, in this show, we chased one of our Superstition Mountain episodes with a primer for the big Tierra del Sol off-road jamboree: thousands of trucks and tens of thousands of 'froading fans on one excellent piece of terrain in the SoCal desert.  What's not to love? Certainly not the raffle, because that's excellent - who doesn't need $115,000 in free parts?  That, plus Driveshaft Hill, the Gulches, the Notches and the lovely, scenic Salton Sea.

The Garage Hour crew stays true to form in this one, with attacks on bad media, their lousy non-coverage of the fools fat-footing their cars into the bushes and off of cliffs, and why you need to have your brains turned on when you plan to film your next drifting, burnouting or truck-jumping protofail…

It's the Garage Hour, kids, we're here to help.  Have some.

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