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Put on the goggles, ‘cause this ‘uns a lumpy one:  good ideas and bad results of clearancing your trail rig to let the tires eat!  Trailing arms, tire sizes, Pahnard bars, shackle positioning, pinion angles, bump stops, spacers, 4Runners, Wranglers, XJs, backspacing, fenders and Dremel blades...  Guest appearances by Rock Hound Off-Road, Fageol Superchargers, Dirty Dave’s Super Pooper and Gov. Used Car Hair.

While we’re at it:  bread is yummy, hot-boxing ruins resale, killing whales and birds, false electric-car advertising, snow in L.A. because it’s winter, VW takes the carjackers’ side, Ford isn’t on yours, and beer acting weird at 13,000ft.

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