Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns

We’re busy building things and fixing stuff, so have a rundown:

- used-car prices gone crazy (again), w/ financial pressures, interest and inflation hikes, shortages of cars/parts/money

- misbegotten gov’t overreactions making the aforementioned worse

- manufacturer costs inflated by electric car unicorn farts

- rules for paying to attention to used-car prices (follow what you know)

- some side history on automakers’ ongoing fruitless efforts to kill AM radio

More to live for: hooray for Cubans pulling a McGuyver (the old one, not the silly new version) on Communism, cottonwood versus aspen, Duesenbergs, Southern Culture on the Skids, Masters of Reality, Monolord, God Lives Underwater, High On Fire, Deadbolt and Fatso Jetson, plus Stephen King’s evil basement and upcoming Found On Road Awsomeness.

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