Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns

Don't let the delay fool you - the Garage Hour goons have been up to their necks in parts (the good kind and the bad), but you can only do so much.  The Diesel Ayatollah, Dustin V2 (Mr. Pink?  You decide.) and Hostus Maximus Justin Fort got back together in the Jeep Hole for an hour of tales from Tierra del Sol's annual Desert Safari, and this episode happened.

What's on tap for this episode?  One day of 'froading madness, with everything from FJ 9-coils ($5 a coil!), complicated driveshafts, kerploded hubs, portalled Jeeps, two-wheel drive Bugs, drooped leafs, Driveshaft Hill, bobbed 4Runners and WJs, full-time versus part-time four-wheel drive, viscous couplings, too many weird Jeeps, and why it's good not to flip your truck.

The usual Garage Hour digression was well in hand, with hybrid drivers versus public perception, Subaru CD players, post-Obamunism increases in car ownership, 40-eary old blenders and the wonder that is BlendTech's "Will It Blend" series, plus Stephen Seagal attempting to kill everyone in a restaurant.

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