Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns

The Garage Hour goons have Second Amendment news you ought'a know:

- Is gun control code for people control?

- A list of companies that use the money you pay them to attack the 2A (some you might know).

- Why leftist and marxist neurotics are desperate to thwart the 2A (because it's a threat to them).

- New reps speak out on how 2A rights are even more valuable to poor, inner city taxpayers (who needs to protect themselves more?).

- Why most restrictions on firearms rights are racist, sexist, elitist and statist (just ask the NRA).

- The state of Washington and DC both triumph over gun-grabbers (or, Tiny Jerk Laws + Loopholes & Lobbyists).

When the bureaucrats line up to give you their best Body Snatchers impression, you know you're on the right (constitutional) side.  Be a brick in the wall with the Garage Hour, with Americans like AWR Hawkins, Burgess Owens, Lauren Bobert and Herschel Walker.

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