Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns

It's gearhead news from the Garage Hour: stuff goin' on that you ought to know.

- Ford ships a $900,000,000 plant to Mexico after promising its workers it would be in Ohio.

- How leaving your $60,000 Wrangler in low-four while towing is a 52,000rpm mistake.

- A rich Chinese guy gets out of a crash-tantrum in New York City by waving the elitist-pity sign.

- A funny tale of how to cause billions in damage with tanks.

- New rovers on Mars (awesome) and old tricks in space (repo man's coming for your satellite!).

- A VERY upsetting tale of a small brewery in Kalifornistan beset by tiny tyrants and wrongheaded bureaucrats .

There's more exploding, too - thermometers, projects, and political attacks on your hobbies.  Fortunately, there's also Trinity Brewing's Dark Cherry Radler, Josh Homme and QOTSA, KYUSS and Vultures, plus "Season in the Abyss" and another terrible move/great soundtrack (Orbital/Kirk Hammet).

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