Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns

Cheffing beer with the philosopher beermakers... The Garage Hour goons got their guns to Burning Beard for a serious hour of brewing business in San Diego's East County, including cursed locations, the tipping point for critical brewery mass, the importance of cultivating good retailers, and rebranding your failures.  There's fancy beers like New Damage, regular Normcore, Old Banksy and Du Hast (some appearing in cans!), and some of the most elemental details of the Wondertwins' upcoming third-anniversary party at the Beard (April 13 - act fast, espcially if you like Alice in Chains, Faith No More, the Allman Brothers or Deep Purple).

The Beard has the best jukebox in the world, and we always end up talking music too - everything from Chris Cornell in retrospect, Audioslave in Fallujah, and Filner in a headlock. There was also the Fiends, Deadbolt, a Foreigner/Asia/Saga shunt, and a minute or two on the upcoming Burning Beard Fight Club.

Just add Jeff "Sideburns" Weidekr and Mike "Tape Deck" Maass (plus .45 Phil, Chef Jeff, the Lovely and Tolerant Karen and Hostus Maximus Justin Fort): it's gearhead talk radio.

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