Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
03.22.14: Get Traff@cked (Because Those Idiots Won't Tell Themselves Off) With All the Things You Hate About Traffic, Plus Guns, Gardening, Silver State Open-Road Racing, Rock & Roll, the Tick, Food Trucks, Hipster Hunting and Twistidity

When one of these unscripted episodes turns out right, it's such a great feeling. Hostus Maximus Justin Fort coupled SuperMeg and the return of Chef Jeff from Eastbound Bar & Grill to do two hours of everything that's wrong with traffic (because we can all relate). You can't go wrong with an endless list of the things that incompetence, ignorance, insomnia and insolence do to the already insufferable dense driving in southern California, and we charged full-steam into all the causes of and answers to.  If there's anything you can get on board with, it's SoCal traffic being off its rocker.

Just like the Garage Hour, however, we dive deep into a host of other awesomeness (because gearhead!), including the Silver State Challenge (260mph, anyone?), tactical shotguns, how hipsters are uncool by nature, and more Dude Food.

Grab this one before it's gone (though it won't be - hurry because we care).


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