Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns

You head out to your favorite trailhead for a fun day-run and BLAMMO! There's a yuge tank gate. Who installed it? Who locked it? Why's it there? Is the universal key enough to open that door or will you need an actual tank?

What's already a big problem in San Diego and the third-world kleptocracy of Kalifornistan can become a problem for you because your loss of access is driven by a mindset and an agenda, not real issues - look out, cats and kitties, THIS is watermelon environmentalism. The Garage Hour goons take a stab at this thorny issue and try to spur folks to pay attention. Recorded at the show's home brewery (Helix Brewing in La Mesa), the good gearheads at the Garage Hour might not raise everyone's alarms, but they're sure to raise some glasses...

The special guest-host on this episode is Morgan Murtaugh, who's running for the 53rd congressional district in central-southern San Diego county, and guess what, boys and girls? She likes guns.

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