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03.23.13: Prius Driver Fails, MRAPs for Everyone, F1 Malaysia, Lewis Hamilton's Boyband Beard, Tesla VS Edison, Planes, Trains & Dead Actors, Gopher 'Sploding & Local 'Froading, Zombies or Low-Info, + Great Cowboy Bad Guys & La Mesa's Mayor Methuselah

So much good stuff…  Do you like your gearhead awesomeness covered in political gravy and conspiracy sauce?  This Garage Hour has your number.  Hell, all of 'em do.

Right out of the gate, it's cohost Crag Maxwell versus La Mesa's Mayor Methuselah (who had the kimchee to threaten the only guy in East County who can tuck in his shirt), but that doesn't last - this episode dives quickly towards the Malaysian Grand Prix and boy-racer Lewis "I'm Such a Dick I Fired my Dad" Hamilton and his silly Ahab beard, and swerves back to how local police are getting MRAPs before the best gearhead show on the air falls off a cliff with Gary Larson versus Mark Larson, and who looks better in a ten-gallon hat.

Important program notes: .45 Phil's Tank of the Week is the M551 Sheridan, which was supposed to float, and putting Not-Yet-Agent-Aya on the same comm channel as .45 Phil does not good mic balance make.

The political questions never end: how did Joe Biden spend half a mil of taxpayer dollars in Paris in one night, is the US gov using "zombie" training to desensitize its agents against shooting the low-info hordes, and why when the government is here to help, it never is?

Back to the good stuff: this episode also has spaghetti westerns, great bad guys (Lee Van Cleef versus Henry Fonda as Angel Eyes), Corey Farley versus John Candy, old versus remake-based cinema, and as promised, moral narcism and its newfound chew toy, the Prius (and Crag's artful analysis of where you can put yours).

A low-fi version of this episode is available in MP3 form if you search for the same date with an "MP3" tag.

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