Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns

Do you have the walnuts to stop and grab that sweet thing you saw on this morning’s commute?  The Gearhead Consultancy is here to help, with suggestions (and excellent results) from our adventures in exploiting the retention-disabled.  ...Because Found On Road Awesome!   We catalog one month’s grabs: a D-ring and hitch-block, channel-locks and flush-cuts, an air chuck and some serious scissors (all tools we can use), plus some sweet signage. You can do it too (...because geek).

It’s there for you: Sackpack’s pricey flashlight, Walkin’ Dude’s yuge Ft. Carson & orange Yellow Freight signs, plus Justinius Rex’s dozens of Snap-On tools and jar O’ sockets.  Also, Earthlings?, Megadeth, Kyuss, Dog Fashion Disco, Filter, Solarized and Die Krupps.

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