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03.24.12: Classic! Two Hours You Can't Have Back: Bad Movie Episode (w/ Bad Movie Rules: Sequel Syndrome, Bad Choice Rule and the Dreaded Double-Suck), Plus the Hyundai Elantra and Naming Don't Die Brian

Awesome retrosauce: this is the Garage Hour's vaunted Bad Movies Special (Two Hours You Can't Have Back), complete with the Bad Choice Rule (actors can screw themselves, apparently), the dreaded Double-Suck Rule, and the Sequel Syndrome, wherein the number of numbers on the end of your movie reliably heralds pending suckage.  Or suckstacy.

Join us for an hour on-air with Hostus Maximus Justin Fort, Dirty Dave and Don't Die Brian (who earned his name in the span of this very episode) as they list a fine collection of some of the worst things you've ever wished you've never seen.

Oh, and there's cars, trucks, beers and guns, including designing cars that make you think, Monster Magnet, Bruce Campbell, Wikipedia's porn problem and why family blogs are lazy.


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