Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
03.30.13: Prius VS Prius Owners, Gov Money VS Fisker Fails, Henschel VS Porsche, Shermans VS Tigers & .45 Phil's Tank of the Week, the Martini Bong, Plus Cohost Battles: Creature VS .45 Phil & Dirty Dave VS (Almost) Agent Aya

If you're a gearhead or geek of any sort, this is the episode for you - the Garage Hour gang has stacked this one to the rafters with a little bit of everything good, from Al Gore's carbon footprint (and his big fat footprint) to the Reverend Horton Heat, Hellcats and Pershings and Sheridans and the dreaded Tiger, plus the epic fail that is hybrid and electric cars when their government funding is missing.  There's also Big Goverment's love of square pegs for round hols, small-town cop fails (coming to a city near you), battling cohosts, heaps of bad accents (and a few good ones), and tales of fails regarding Middle East fighters' inability to understand and/or learn modern Western combat skills (with the noted exception of the Afghanis - credit where credit's due).  Then it's all martini bongs and bumper stickers and VW carb tuning.

Must be the Garage Hour.  Hostus Maximus is joined in the studio by Crag Maxwell, .45 Phil and (Almost) Agent Aya.

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