Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
04.02.11: Classic Hour - Volvos for Everyone, Ford VS Unions, Getting a Skyline in the US, the B58 Hustler, GM Fails, the Promo Promo, Fukashima Disastersauce and UnF@#$ing the Everglades

Reloaded Garage Hour awesomeness: everything from Volvos, Skylines, G8s, Ford, GM, the gov'ment, the B58 Hustler, the SR71 Blackbird, Charlie's brain, brains in bogs, heads in bogs, Megadeth, Clutch, Tony's Econolube, Fukashima shift, multiculturalisticism, bears eating stoners, women in sinkholes, Florida swamps, and yes, English corpses in bogs.

Host Justin Fort is backed up by Mr. Dustin (Top Earner) and Dirty Dave in this one, and it's a excellent bit of ricochet radio - download the upload, rrrrrrright now.


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