Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
04.03.10 (MP3): Classic! Dude Food (Fried Fair Fare & Heavy Tanks), Nissan Leaf VS Taxpayers & Logic, F1 & Ferrari Fails, TVR VS Top Gear, Drawbridges & Moats, + Led Zeppelin, Ozzy, Deftones & Mr. Dustin's Fantasy Factory (Enter the Warehouse)

Somewhere between a hungry gearhead and the toolbox is the Garage Hour: so much good stuff.  Beginning with beer at the Pizza Port, carrying through to how to outfit your personal castle with turrets, and landing on tanks and mines and machine guns for your neighbors, the intro serves up a fine compliment of the best piece of show since Top Gear full of beer.

Speaking of Top Gear, the Garage Hour goons reminisce about a few episodes (does anyone else's head hurt?), and then it's on to tanks in World War 1 and TVRs at World War 2 airports in England.  The Nissan Leaf and its taxpayer bungling and general government giveback thievery take over the conversation from there, only to be wiped out by the wonderment that is Dude Food: yes, have some.  Minds are detoured to the fine fried fair fare of the Del Mar Fair, but get back on track with DMS and Mitsu product being banged against the local Mustang crowd at Barona 1/8-mile drags before returning to tortillas, baloney, hack brown quiches, the Destroying Angel, the Grease Mutant and a proper marinade.

The episode is also graced with the presence of Ozzy Osborne, Led Zeppelin and the Deftones, then visits with the Trenchcoat Mafia and how it ruined the goth scene combined with your long, painful relationship with lighting.  It all ends on F1 and Sebastian Vettel's giant head, but hey, that thing's yuge - how can't we?

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