Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns

You’re the geek, so you understand the importance of the Second Amendment (probably to the point of being obnoxious).  Good - we too.  This piece gathers the bits, including the massive growth of ownership, all the new (and novel) firearms owners, the importance of training - don’t buy 10 guns, buy one and ten boxes of bullets.  ...Or maybe 100.  Then the Gearhead Consultancy flubs the Constitution (we should all grab a copy and bone up), but saves the day with background on bad laws from Washington state (a rifle ban?) and bad ideas from idiots (“smart” guns)...

What’s more: Atomic Bitchwax, Southern Culture, Failure, Goatsnake, For Love Not Lisa, Josh Wink, Corrosion, Bowie, and Al King with Stevie Ray.  Also, Legos for kids and adults, tyrannosaurus skeletons for the living room, T-90s for truck stops, bacteria for everyone, good PR for exploding billions, beers for Americans, and tranny fluid for pinkos.

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