Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns

The Gearhead Consultancy assembled for another late-night garaging session to turn some enviroweenie tropes into tasty tripe (emotionally charged watermelon environmentalism makes good eatin').  Hostus Maximus Justin Fort was joined by mechanical man Gringo Rich, and the two broke in fresh new cohost and homebrewer extraodinaire Agent Neighbor.  The junior G-Man was wise enough to show up carrying a keg, so he got along alright.

Discussions got down to the brass ticky-tacks right quick, exploring the downsides of hybrid and electric cars (cost, inefficiency, toxicity, value, etc), solar (what's good for your roof ain't good for the neighborhood), wind (condor Cuisinarts do not make chicken) and biking to work (how many bags of groceries did you pick up on the way home?). There was also a serious melon-balling of all this lofty - and baseless - environmental cotton-candy, because hyperbole that appeals to hipsters, narcisists and sychophants does not a very merry reality make.

It's not all ball bearings, though - there are good elements to every bad idea, and these mechanical minds can find them, or get sauced trying.  It's not the technology's fault, after all, but the fools forcing a 9-volt into a AA hole.

There was also talk of beer: Protector's Pineapple Grenade and Berserker, Garage Brewing's Porter, the luscious and lethal Quadrangle, and Agent Neighbor's sublime pale.  Music?  Soundgarden, the Farmers, Deadbolt, the Crow soundtrack, Stone Temple Pilots, plus Crow's Nest and Red Rock.

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