Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
04.06.15: 'Hour @ the Still! Robot Cars, Truck Parts, Dude Food, Turbines & Beerguns, Litter Rage VS Hipster Thrashing (w/ Betting), Beer Tourists & Junkyards, Plus Fine Sips & Distilling Tech w/ Twisted Manzanita Spirits

From ratty Tacos to good food, this Garage Hour runs the gamut, with fine liquor tasting and aging techniques at Twisted Manzanita Distillery, commie capitalism, our collective disdain for littering, and we run over some hipsters on the way.  Then it's all about beer-delivery drones and Twisted Manzanita's beer turbine, with a big segue into Pacific Beach dining, AR rifles for ladies, ball versus IMR powder and the M-14 versus the M-16 in Somalia, why the pickleback is an insult to every stage of the brewing and distilling industry, computer-controlled cars, junkyard Toyota parts, and what kind of vehicles are driven by the hosts and cohosts of the Garage Hour.  That's just the beginning - tune in if you want to hear about hipster betting (it's like betting on horses, without the respect), drink recipies, Skynyrds Innyrds, National Ammo Week and Stare at a Hybrid Owner Like Something Is Wrong With Them Month.

This is the second of two broadcasts from the back room at Twisted Manzanita Brewing & Distillery.  The Garage Hour goons are surrounded by fine folks and Manz fans, including Jake Pitman (Head Distiller), Nina from the marketing department, and Ashleigh (Ashley? - Wearer of Many Hats) from the distillery.  .45 Phil and Chef Jeff join in for the ride, along with whomver else was brave enough to approach the mic.

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