Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns

Gearhead Consultants and Garage Hour hosts Justin Case and Marking Time met up high above the city to watch it all burn during our recent eclipsalypse.  Rounds were chambered, pizza from Sprouts was et, and beers from Red Leg, Pike’s Peak, Outer Range and Dry Dock were sipped, but unfortunately, no pepperoni armed pajama perp apocalypse was thwarted, not even in the driveway.  Fortunately, Justin and Justmark didn’t mind missing “shoot, shovel and shut up” because doin’s were to be discussed: a positive word or three about hybrid automotive technology, the growing dumbness of nanny tech in cars, Eneos sneg for fun and kitchen, Van Café and LaRue for edible freebies, and Dude Food ala dove and grilled sirloin from Omaha Steaks.

Don’t forget the sauce: Led Zeppelin, free televisions, Gold Camp Road, apocalypse booze and getaway vehicles, some guns, historical eclipses, more electric car fails, and Chuck Norris.

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