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04.12.14: Fast Guys Talk Lone Pine Time Trials, Plus Hillclimbing, Radical Crawlers, Smart Car Tipping, Smart Cars with Hayabusa Motors, the Demise of the RamRunner, Rio Shotgun Shells and a Bunch of Other Stuff We've Broken

All gearhead, all the time...  Host Justin Fort has Bret Norgaard from Yawsport and Neil Alexander from the Lone Pine Time Trials (coming up in May) to talk their little slice of road-racing heaven, the adventure that is high-speed time-attack on a real airport course, and the parties that go on in tandem with it all.  We also get into everything from Hayabusa-powered Smart cars (why people are tipping them over), to the failed Dodge RamRunner (and why it was no Raptor), hillclimbing for folks on the West Coast, Powerstroke and 502-powered crawlers and a truckload of other awesomeness.

Okay, so Han Solo and Greedo get into the mix, and there's some chatter about Rio shotgun shells, the police and English politics, but it's the Garage Hour - we digress.


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