Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns

Do you want alien archeologists to brand Earth the T-shirt and cardboard planet?  We neither, so let’s get to work quelling the free-farce zone built upon by bumper stickers, bad governance, idiot officials and ideology that can’t get past its first foot forward.  Expand your inputs (think from the firehose) - AM is a part of unexpected reality, and that’s good.  Challenge the bubble - Car & Driver is taking down the fake figures supporting e-car efficiency.  Ridicule bureaucrats when they say things that don’t make sense - racist roads and electric tanks?  ...And call out corruption when you see it - Sniffy Joe’s White House basement just hired Ford’s China-funded battery lobbyist.  WT capital F?

More to love (perhaps it’s time for a diet): cyborgs, hard-boiled eggs, New Jersey-level paranoid, electric NASCAR and quiet Thunderboats, are catalytic thefts being buoyed by the skidplate industry, plus Folk Implosion, Man or Astroman, Mastodon, Cujo, Beck, DJ Shadow, Gruntruck and Bio-Mechanical Degeneration.

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