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04.14.12: Bad Driving Special! Cops In-Studio, What's Legal in Traffic, Hybrid Owner Fails, DUI Checkpoint Tales, Kids Who Crash & Parents Who Should Know Better, Plus #1 Lane Anger & What You Can Do About It

Garage Hour = gearhead hilarity.  In one of our funniest (and best armed) episodes ever, we go toe-to-to with the Johnnies about all of the questions you've always wanted to ask the fuzz, and they answer.

Sooooo, do you want to know if high-beaming the slowpoke in the #1 lane is legal?  We did.  How about cat-calling folks with your PA?  Is "Keep Right Except to Pass" enforceable?  Do people care that there's laws against texting and driving?  Do the police really mess with victims motorists when they're pulled over?  We ask it all of our buddy Mark McCullough from the San Diego Police, and he tells us everything - he's the information officer, after all, so he'd better have some.

On top of that supercake, we pour on the usual Garagesauce: tax-day wallet pain, hybrid owners' moral narcissm, when it's legal to eat roadkill (and if you need tags to take that deer), deer hunting from your driveway, and that guy with the burgundy 'Vette in Lakeside who cohost Black Ryan is planning to T-bar.  Additional cohost Mr. Dustin (Mr. 1%) and several secret couch-dwellers join Hostus Maximus Justin Fort for this episode as well.

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