Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns

What does your Second Amendment right to defend your person, people and property have to do with the government-funded effort to reinvade rural lands with man-eating (and livestock-eating, dog-eating, kid-eating and small car-eating) apex predators?  Federal interference in your life.  …Government overreach, bureaucratic N.I.M.B.Y.ism, a collectivist enthusiasm for a forced march into urban squalor, and the slippery statist fever dream of an empowered state at the expense of you, me and we - the independent American.  Sh!t’s getting weird fast - opt in to protect yourself now, cats and kiddies.

Some episodes go together like white on rice, but this guy was hanging in the lurch for weeks.  It’s got lots: running with a sidearm, Mad Cow for deer now, 700,000,000 standard-cap mags, AR-15s under assault, and loads of Deadbolt - plus some.

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