Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
04.17.10: Classic @ Mr. Dustin's Wrenching Palace, w/ Ramona Off-Roading, Prius Punting, the Roadburn Festival, Tax Day Pays, Black Jack Pershing and Jaime's FJ

Hank Watson's Garage Hour: Making a point of making a point.  This GH reload's got everything from the US's southern border, taxes, Jaime's FJ, Ramona trails and our plans to use 'em, the big Roadburn stoner metal festival in Amsterdam, Toyota liability defenses, hybrid hatred, Talk Like a Pirate Day (really?), Black Jack Pershing, updates from Barona Drags, a big LA traffic fail from Dirty Dave, and all of it from Mr. Dustin's Wrenching Palace.

In-studio with host Justin Fort is Grizzly Chris, Dirty Dave and Mr. Dustin, Top Earner.  Have some.


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