Hank Watson's Garage Hour - Cars, Trucks, Beers & Guns
04.20.13: Big Gov VS Americans' Rights, Up-Armored Police VS Disarmed Americans, Raptor Run Report (w/ Bison), Justin's 4-20 Rant, Domestic Terrorists & Barry Obama, Knives & Guns, Boston Bombing Details & the Texas Fertilizer Explosion, & .45 Phil's Tank

Stunningly good episode - some of the best gearhead talk the Garage Hour goons have ever done.  THIS is big-AM radio.

If you're a gearhead who thinks about more than car and truck parts, this is your Garage Hour.  If you're a geek of any sort who wants to expand your mind with a bunch of other geeks, this is your Garage Hour.  From smart comparisons of the Bostom marathon bombing with the Texas fertilizer explosion, including historic references, to a far-reaching look at the constitutional rights that stand athwart of Massachusetts' efforts to hunt down the Boston bombers, and how local cops are beginning to look a lot like federal agents and the military, this is big-brain blue-collar talksauce - have some.  In addition, it's hard to avoid being a gearhead - this episode's also got .45 Phil's Tank of the Week (WW2 Japan's Hago jungle tank), Hoosier Eric's Raptor Run Report (including a buffalo attack), Clutch, Zach Wilde, Freedom Rock (turn it up!), a little remider about Barry Obama's buddy Bill Ayers, and why it's important to wear running shoes in bear country.

Crag Maxwell, .45 Phil and Agent Aya help Hostus Maximus Justin Fort blow the doors off this one.  KILLER talk radio right here.

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